Welcome to Breaking News Network (BNN), the only full-time, dedicated, incident notification system. Our news-gathering capability depends on our professionally staffed 24 hour news desk as well as member participation. Members include many public safety agencies and personnel, most major media outlets, news reporters and photographers, and commercial insurance professionals. The BNN service is available to your mobile device using our iPhone and Android Applications, or by our optional desktop visual news client, Webview.

iPhone and Android Apps

Our advanced mobile app is now available to members for both Android and iPhone. This application lets you follow the action using live push notification. In addition to real-time incident alerts, you get location mapping, instant navigation, incident history, incident search, and images. Our application also enables members to send incidents, update incidents, and submit images from a scene.


Webview desktop visual news client

Members can use our optional “Webview” desktop visual news client to monitor the latest alerts on our incident map, search incidents that have occurred in the past, or to send a new incident notification to the network. This optional feature is particularly useful to our clients with operation centers, or a centralized incident command facility.

Regional Incident Selector Tool

Our notification system allows you to receive just the alerts that interest you. Our Regional Incident Selector Tool (RIST) enables you to review your current subscriptions at a glance, or to edit your subscriptions with a few clicks. You can edit your subscriptions both geographically, and by incident type. Your alerts are always fully customizable.

Customer Service

Customer service is available:
Monday 8:00a-3:30p
Tuesday 8:00a-3:30p
Wednesday 8:00a-5:00p
Thursday 8:00a-3:30p
Friday 8:00a-5:00p
We can reached at 888-875-6100 during business hours or by emailsupport@breakingnewsnetwork.com anytime.